During this time of uncertainly, we will be taking extra precautions with our clients’ health and safety – please do the same!

• Wash your hands thoroughly, and ask your clients to do the same, upon entering the studio
• Wipe down all frequently touched/used surfaces, furniture and equipment before you leave (we will be providing wipes and sprays)

• Leave all unnecessary items in your car (purses, coats) 
• The only individuals allowed in the space are those who are actively involved in the shoot/session taking place  

What’s included in your rental?

• 8×8 Rolling wall • Full size bed with white bedding • Mini fridge with water for you & your guests • Keurig + K-cups for you & your guests • Newborn posing bag & backdrop frame • White foam boards for reflectors • Clothing steamer • Clothing rack • Two sofas • Multiple chairs and stools • Live plants

As a shared space, we expect everyone who rents to be respectful to the studio (props/furniture) and to other renters:

• NO smoking or vaping
• NO candles/fire/flames
• NO glitter
• NO trimming, cutting, or otherwise harming the plants
• NO pets, unless given special permission
• NO adult film production or sex acts on the premises (boudoir shoots are fine!)
• NO illegal drugs or substances on the premises
• NO attaching things to the wall, using anything that will leave a mark or hole – use only command strips or painter tape
• NO dragging furniture – please take care moving heavy objects to avoid scratching the floors
• Return items you’ve moved/rearranged back to its original position before you leave
• Sessions begin and end at the time you’ve booked – all set up and clean up must take place within that time, as well
• Failure to leave when your booked time is up, will result in an automatic charge for the next hour (if no one is booked directly after you, you can always book more time mid-session!)
• Damage to any studio props/furniture/equipment/space will be the responsibility of the booking party member – the cost of repair or replacement will be itemized and billed accordingly
• IF you open or use the side/back door, you MUST be sure it is locked before you leave