Welcome to the studio!

Parking is plentiful and always free. The studio includes three directions of natural light —all day! So no need for a strobe or flash, unless you book us after sun-down (But guess what! A large constant light and diffuser is provided with every booking!), 1200 square feet of shoot space in two unique rooms (white vinyl floors in the front, and polished concrete in the back), plus a large bathroom for you and your clients/guests. Treat yourself to a coffee or a cool bottle of water from the studio’s Keurig or mini-fridge.

Furniture is kept pretty minimal and new pieces are frequently rotated in, so your sessions stay fresh. You are free to move things around as you like—but please leave the studio looking as tidy as you found it! Take a peek, below!

2022 meant the bed got an update! Hello gorgeous!
THEE cutest (and large!) bathroom